zondag 24 juli 2011

Busy busy to eat a cupcake! small update

Oooh, I forgot to show you how i made the video of Mr Beansprout walking towards the cupcake!

yes my pocket video camera was tied with treads on a toy car. But it worked so who cares XD

And a short video of Mr Beansprout driving in a car :3

See you next time ^^

Busy busy to eat a cupcake!

hello everybody,

I have been very busy lately with other stuff. So I didnt had time to make a
new blog. A few weeks ago I bought a kodak pocket video camera Zi6. Its an older version but good enough for my video skillz and it has macro function.

In this episode Mr Beansprout founded a cupcake on the ground. Because of the cold rainy weather Mr Beansprout is craving for fat and sweets.

Next time I will post some Mr Beansprout gadgets.

maandag 4 juli 2011

Contest results!

Last week we had a contest game :)
Find 6 times Mr Beansprout.
You can find the winner in my youtube movie ^^

Congrats winner with your price :D
And for the other contestants no worries. In the future we are planning to have more funny contest ^^

See you next time!