maandag 31 oktober 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

I've been lately a bit too busy to make some funny stuff for this blog. But I hope in that i will post a bit more in the future!

I've made some postcards that you can send to your friends ^^

So enjoy and hopefully see you soon in the underworld bwahahahaha!!!

zondag 18 september 2011

Lets harvest us some Apples

So yesterday we went out on a trip to an Appletree farm.
This is the time of the year to harvest the apples before they go bad.
They had 4 kinds of apples and 3 kinds of cooking pears.

The awesome apple tree

And allot of apple tree rows. But dont be decieved by this picture that we were the only ones. It was actually very crowded with people.

Here you see Mr Beansprout and Boeru standing on some apples. These ones are a bit sour but also a bit sweet. I forgot the names of these apples though....

Mr Beansprout discovered some red shiny apples!

And here is Mr Beansprout sitting on the some elstar apples. Look how red and shiny they are :D

They have some lovely pear trees. This is a tree with big pears.

Mr Beansprout resting on one of those big pears :)

Our haul at the apple/pear farm are:
3kg apples/pears for 3 euro
1kg long beans for 1 euro
1kg small soup tomato for 80 cent
2x small pots of honey 2,25 euro
1x small sjalots 1,50 euro
1x small pure applejuice 1 euro

We are planning to cook the pears and eat/bake some of the apples.
If the results are awesome ofcourse we will post some pictures soon on this blog.

Blog you next time :D

dinsdag 13 september 2011

Though its still summer..........

Only 1 week to go and then its Autum. The season of squirls, mushrooms, acorn, chestnuts and lots of leaves on the ground. Its also the season for Halloween! That means allot of scary stuff should be coming up on this blog :P

I still havent done anything with the fabric. But the idea to make a sleeping bag for him sounds great. To travel you also need a place to sleep :)

So lets celebrate Autum now with a mood picture :)

What will I be posting next time?

Dont have a frikkin clue :D

zondag 28 augustus 2011

Summer is over, time to show off my stuff :D

Ai, I have been a bit lazy to update the blog.
Even when it was rainy and dark.

But summer is over, time to get back to work!
Ofcourse you already know my mobile hanger, wich has been won by Sander.

But as I have promised last time I would be showing my gadgets stuff that i have ordered :)

I've ordered the postcard, totembag and t-shirt by for a very cheap price. Sometimes they have special discount then you only have to pay for the print and shipment.

Through I have made an awesome Mr Beansprout fabric sample. When I got the fabric it was like Hallalujah effect. The fabric is very nice and soft. And the print is crisp. Though his mouth isnt very clear but now I also know how small/thin a line should be for the next batch.

But now i'm wondering what I should do with it... Any suggestion?
The fabric is about 40 x 40 cm

So thats it for now.

Any suggestion for the fabric is welcome. And if i like your idea and i dont have to use allot of fabric, I might gief you a sample and a postcard ;)

Next time,
I dont have a clue XD

zondag 24 juli 2011

Busy busy to eat a cupcake! small update

Oooh, I forgot to show you how i made the video of Mr Beansprout walking towards the cupcake!

yes my pocket video camera was tied with treads on a toy car. But it worked so who cares XD

And a short video of Mr Beansprout driving in a car :3

See you next time ^^

Busy busy to eat a cupcake!

hello everybody,

I have been very busy lately with other stuff. So I didnt had time to make a
new blog. A few weeks ago I bought a kodak pocket video camera Zi6. Its an older version but good enough for my video skillz and it has macro function.

In this episode Mr Beansprout founded a cupcake on the ground. Because of the cold rainy weather Mr Beansprout is craving for fat and sweets.

Next time I will post some Mr Beansprout gadgets.

maandag 4 juli 2011

Contest results!

Last week we had a contest game :)
Find 6 times Mr Beansprout.
You can find the winner in my youtube movie ^^

Congrats winner with your price :D
And for the other contestants no worries. In the future we are planning to have more funny contest ^^

See you next time!

maandag 27 juni 2011

Mr Beansprout in Barcelona + special event!

Mr Beansprout went to Spain to Barcelona!

We went to allot of places. Eat allot of seafood and tapas.
Ofcourse we also drank allot of mojito and sangria.

But theres one thing he fell in love with it. Its the church Sagrada Familia, the holy family. This building is made by Antoni Gaudí in 1882. And guess what, its still isnt done yet. They are guessing it will be done around 2030.

Short story about Gaudi: He is an Art nouveau / jugendstil architect that is based on the structure of nature. He sadly died by a tragic accident..... he was run over by a tram.....

But even he died for a long time everywhere you look in Barcelona you see Gaudi buildings. And that took our breath away.

And now for the holiday pictures. And when you are on the bottom of this blog you will even see a special event :)

The sagrada familia.

Mr Beansprout standing infront of a maquette.

The building entrance

People who are still working on the church.

The doors are full with words with names of the disciples.

Inside the church you could really see the awesome work of Gaudi. This is a stair that leds to one of the towers.

If you look up you see amazing structures. no words for it ^^

Mr Beansprout in on of the maquette towers :)


There were allot of pictures / paintings / drawings how the sagrada familie should look like when its done. So I made a game out of it

!!!Find 6 Mr Beansprout!!!

What you need to do:
-- Click on the picture to see it bigger
-- Click on the picture again
-- save it
-- circle the 6 Mr Beansprouts in a drawing program like photoshop/paint/etc
-- Send the drawn picture to

Next week at 4/7/2011 We will pick out the lucky winner by a video.
The price? That's a suprise :D

Good Luck

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Cooking with ?WHAT?

Indeed --> What <-- the hell am I today going to cook.

Today i'm going to cook Mr Beansprout statue. I saw in my local artist shop that they had a discount on 10 kg river clay. So my thoughts went imediatly that Mr Beansprout should have a statue to honor him :P
Though I cant really cook it because I dont have a special river clay oven. So..... i'm going to let it dry for at least 1 week :)

This video is sadly crap quality due sad webcam and sad program. I still havent figured out wich program I can use to adjust video with it...
Any ideas?

And here is the end result :)

I hope you like this video :)
Well I can say that i had lots of fun with it ^^

Next time... where would Mr Beansprout hang out when he's on a holiday?

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Mr Beansprout is finally making a smoothie :D

So its time that Mr Beansprout is making a smoothie.

For the very first time we are making a stopmotion movie with yummieness of apple and banana smoothie... Though we totally forgot about the orange that we got last week --.--.....
Sadly the program windows film maker made some of my pictures small :S...... so the movie is a bit odd...

The recipe for the apple banana smoothie is very simple

1 apple
1 banana
1 cup of milk or vanilla drink yoghurt

cup / glass

Peel the banana and cut it in small pieces.
Peel of the outer layer of the apple and cut out the center. After you have done this cut this in 4 or more parts.

Pour 1 cup of milk in the mixer and the fruits. If you like sweeter smoothie then u can put some chocolate flakes into it or very fine sugar / honey.
Turn on the mixer for 20 seconds...

And voila! your smoothie is done :D

Hope you like this recipe and the movie!

P.s. I totally dont have a clue whats going to happen next week :)

donderdag 2 juni 2011

Mr Beansprout and the orange tree

2 weeks have already past and Mr Beansprout didn't update his blog because he got sick. And he discovered that he couldn't make a smoothie without some fruits. So he went on an adventure to pick some fruit for the smoothie recipe.

So the adventure begins for the search of the Orange Tree

Mr Beansprout went strolling in the woods to search for an orange tree.

And he met his neighbours Mr naked snail and Mrs naked snail.
Mr Beansprout asked the naked snails if they have seen an orange tree.
Yes said Mr naked snail. I saw an orange tree behind the White Flower Field.

Mr Beansprout thanked the naked snails and went throught the White Flower Field.

Finally he arrived at the orange tree. And looked up.

He saw delicious bright oranges hanging on the tree

But the orange tree is huge and the orange are too high to reach....

So Mr Beansprout took a White Flower and tried to knock off an orange with the stalk.

It worked! The orange fell in front of his feet.

Mr beansprout picked up the orange and walked back to home, to put the orange in his fridge.

Who knows what next week Mr Beansprout will bring for his smoothie.
Its a suprise :)

maandag 16 mei 2011

Cooking doroyaki with Mr Beansprout

Hallo allemaal deze keer gaan we doroyaki maken.
In deze filmpje kan je zien hoe je de doroyaki moet maken met Mr Beansprout.

1 ei
40 gr suiker
1/2 theelepel honing
1/2 theelepel bakpoeder
25 ml water
65 gr cake meel
15 gr custard meel

keuken gereedschappen

Doe de ei in een kom en mix het met een garde. Doe intussen de honing en de suiker beetje bij beetje bij en mix het in 3 min. De beslag moet intussen licht gelig van kleur zijn.
Doe de bakpoeder in de kom met water, roer het goed zodat de bakpoeder oplost en doe het in de beslag. Mix het een paar keer.
Doe de cake- en custardmeel in de zeef en zeef het in de beslag.
Mix heel lichtjes de cake- en custard meel door het beslag. Probeer de klompjes te pletten. Doe de huishoudfolie over de kom en laat het staan voor 30 min.

Doe de huishoudfolie eraf en doe telkens 1 eetlepel water erbij totdat het beslag vloeibaar is. Het moet dikker zijn dan pannenkoekbeslag maar vloeibaarder dan deeg :P

Dompel een stuk keukenpapier in olie en vet de pan daarmee in. Zet de pan op het fornuis op middel vuur. Gebruik een beslaglepel om de beslag in de pan mee te gieten.
Giet het op 1 plek. !!Wanneer 't beslag op de pan ligt draai niet de pan zoals bij een pannenkoek!! Wacht totdat er bubbeltjes eruit komen en draai de doroyaki om, bak nu 20 sec. Haal het eraf en leg de doroyaki op een vochtig keukendoek die op een rek.
Wanneer het een beetje afgekoeld is kan je de doroyaki smeren met rodebonenpasta, chocolade pasta, etc.

Ik hoop dat deze kookles duidelijk is. Zo niet dan lees ik jullie comments hieronder wel :P

Eet smakelijk :)

maandag 9 mei 2011

Welkom in de wereld van Mr Beansprout.

Dit is de eerste post van Mr Beansprout. En we zullen proberen om elk week op maandag een avontuur te plaatsen.

Voor de introductie heb ik een klein e-boekje gemaakt in
flash over hoe Mr Beansprout is ontstaan.
De tekst van 't e-boekje is in het engels geschreven. Enjoy!

Gebruiksaanwijzing: Om naar 't volgend pagina te gaan klik rechts/links onder op de groene cirkel