zondag 18 september 2011

Lets harvest us some Apples

So yesterday we went out on a trip to an Appletree farm.
This is the time of the year to harvest the apples before they go bad.
They had 4 kinds of apples and 3 kinds of cooking pears.

The awesome apple tree

And allot of apple tree rows. But dont be decieved by this picture that we were the only ones. It was actually very crowded with people.

Here you see Mr Beansprout and Boeru standing on some apples. These ones are a bit sour but also a bit sweet. I forgot the names of these apples though....

Mr Beansprout discovered some red shiny apples!

And here is Mr Beansprout sitting on the some elstar apples. Look how red and shiny they are :D

They have some lovely pear trees. This is a tree with big pears.

Mr Beansprout resting on one of those big pears :)

Our haul at the apple/pear farm are:
3kg apples/pears for 3 euro
1kg long beans for 1 euro
1kg small soup tomato for 80 cent
2x small pots of honey 2,25 euro
1x small sjalots 1,50 euro
1x small pure applejuice 1 euro

We are planning to cook the pears and eat/bake some of the apples.
If the results are awesome ofcourse we will post some pictures soon on this blog.

Blog you next time :D

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  1. That sounds like fun! I'm going to have a look if there is an appletree farm in my neighbourhood ^^